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Googlism comments

Altair is the coolest of the three
Altair is the adaptive optics system for the northern gemini 8
Altair is at
Altair is the bright star at left of the dark nebula
Altair is a yearly kcd event
Altair is closed to spectators
Altair is so powerful it could run in a kind of
Altair is a technology company and has kept pace with the rapid evolution of software and network technologies and standards that have been driven by the
Altair is the aerospace industry leader in promoting open systems and interoperability for aerospace control system products and is committed to placing the
Altair is one of several uavs that have been developed under the environmental research aircraft and sensor technology program at nasa's dryden flight research
Altair is a modified civil version of the predator b military uav
Altair is 4 times bigger than the sun
Altair is derived from the arabic name for the constellation of aquila
Altair is free for non
Altair is working with americaone's design team on performing topological and size/shape optimization of the boat's hull and other structures
Altair is honored to be recognized by the state of michigan and the michigan economic development corporation
Altair is a well
Altair is a record of the activities of the society it’s members
Altair is one of eight former commercial ships acquired by military sealift command in the early 1980's to enhance its primary mission of strategic sealift
Altair is often mistakenly called the first personal computer by microsoft
Altair is perhaps the most famous early computer
Altair is old arabic for "eye of the eagle
Altair is relishing the
Altair is focused on supplying potential customers with samples of its nano
Altair is specifically designed for operation with high channel density over a single fiber
Altair is in aquila
Altair is a serious hi end speaker system that has the rare ability of combining speed
Altair is among the world's leading product development consulting companies specializing in using computer
Altair is the apex of the "summer triangle"
Altair is a near earth and deep space tracking radar
Altair is being developed for nasa to perform high
Altair is the southern point of a pattern of three bright stars called the summer triangle
Altair is wider than it is tall
Altair is located on the second floor
Altair is also seeking companies who are interested in operating as resellers to sell our products
Altair is the last place you'll look
Altair is to promote skiing and other recreational activities designed to increase the enjoyment of sports by its members
Altair is the brightest star in the constellation aquila
Altair is 17 light
Altair is currently in second stage prototype testing
Altair is to provide real
Altair is 12 th in overall apparent brightness
Altair is offering evaluation licenses for the new pharmaceutical api for treatment of elevated serum phosphate levels in dialysis patients with end
Altair is offering evaluation licenses for renazorb
Altair is a residential project that thinks about the way we live
Altair is the brightest star in the constellation; and
Altair is the brightest star in the constellation
Altair is a natural guide star adaptive optics system for the gemini
Altair is a new
Altair is still unknown
Altair is a professor of the department of applied mathematics at the federal fluminense university
Altair is still using the original processing board and two of the original memory boards
Altair is an acronym for altitude conjugate adaptive optics for the infrared
Altair is the 100% owner of a “world class” titanium/zircon mineral deposit in camden
Altair is sinking slowly but firmly down in the deep
Altair is a fully authorized accpac dealer for all your accpac software and accounting needs
Altair is actually a running Altair
Altair is sold the Altair was a computer kit based on the 8080 processor
Altair is a 150 to 200 page a5
Altair is /tftpboot/cfg
Altair is part of aquila
Altair is among the world's leading providers of product engineering consulting services
Altair is booted with an Altair basic disk in drive zero
Altair is one of the nearest bright
Altair is one of the nearest bright stars
Altair is also the administrative seat for the "earth
Altair is not dead
Altair is a helium
Altair is the first main sequence star for which observations of an oblate photosphere have been directly observed
Altair is looking for a piece of the $6 billion market for
Altair is the 12th
Altair is "on the main sequence" of stars
Altair is better visible now
Altair is to the right
Altair is a dissolved corporation
Altair is a 194
Altair is open to anyone age 21 or over
Altair is below making a south
Altair is one of the three
Altair is the premier developer of software for visualization modeling
Altair is the 100% owner of a large titanium/zircon mineral deposit in tennessee
Altair is the facility adaptive optics unit for gemini and is under construction at the herzberg institute for astronomy
Altair is known for successfully marketing pv as a complete service package for xcel energy’s customers in colorado
Altair is at the leading edge of this technology
Altair is being developed to make that mission produce even more revelatory

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