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Googlism comments

Diogenes is looking for a true
Diogenes is a crude contribution towards the history of philosophy
Diogenes is reported to have mocked
Diogenes is a tool for searching and browsing the databases of ancient texts
Diogenes is a set of programs which provides an interface to the cd
Diogenes is a system under dev elopmen t at the univ ersit y of minnesota s computational biology cen ters for the disco
Diogenes is quoted as saying
Diogenes is a high
Diogenes is evolving to offer strategic business services on
Diogenes is the most comprehensive source of information relating to the regulation of human drugs and medical devices by the us fda
Diogenes is thought to have belonged to the epicurean school
Diogenes is here
Diogenes is the only online database offering instant access to a full range of fda information needed by the regulatory affairs community
Diogenes is a literary project that
Diogenes is just a free forum for our art
Diogenes is essentially of the same character as a good deal of the pseudo
Diogenes is a naturist club that is owned and run by its members
Diogenes is a loyal young man
Diogenes is a set of perl scripts designed to search the latin and ancient greek texts published on cd
Diogenes is important not only to worldwide pharmaceutical
Diogenes is bovendien meer dan een stichting die gestadig een bezit aan gerestaureerde binnenstadshuizen opbouwt
Diogenes is een onderdeel van het gehele vraagstuk wat er met de amsterdamse binnenstad in de komende tientallen jaren gaat gebeuren
Diogenes is reported to have discarded his last possession ? his bowl ? after watching a boy drink from his hands
Diogenes is often depicted in a torn cloak
Diogenes is a swamp form
Diogenes is proved unmatched in its ability to extract quantitative information from groups of spectra
Diogenes is a platform technology that can be modified
Diogenes is supposed to have gone about with a lantern "looking for an honest man
Diogenes is said to have gone about with a lantern in the daytime
Diogenes is hailed as "father of the cynics"
Diogenes is actually ms
Diogenes is a philosopher
Diogenes is a huge pimp
Diogenes is the subject of numerous apocryphal stories
Diogenes is an orf
Diogenes is a variation of the barrel kumiki puzzles
Diogenes is a psychosocial service of streetcorner work with the homeless people in brussels
Diogenes is a registered trademark of the joint venture Diogenes
Diogenes is generally referred to as "Diogenes the cynic"
Diogenes is called ?the cynic
Diogenes is the most comprehensive source of information relating to the regulation of human drugs and medical devices by the us food and drug administration
Diogenes is the choi lee ketch i rescued five years ago
Diogenes is the cheoy lee ketch i rescued five years ago
Diogenes is to extend those kinds of benefits?and many more?into the far larger world of inter
Diogenes is a non governmental organisation which since 1999 works at evaluating the social responsability of corporations
Diogenes is common and occurs in the more open and uncovered areas of the mangroves
Diogenes is in 1960 opgericht door de vereniging arti et amicitiae
Diogenes is a destructive vcl 1
Diogenes is a saltwater technology
Diogenes is de schepper van het woord 'kosmopoliet'
Diogenes is there
Diogenes is seen seated in his barrel while a group of girls mock him for his eccentric behaviour
Diogenes is doing its part to serve the sacramento area community
Diogenes is de laatste jaren nogal veranderd
Diogenes is that he was visited by alexander the great
Diogenes is related to the wandering asiatic monks who presented their
Diogenes is said to have been nearly ninety years old when he died
Diogenes is strange
Diogenes is a free tool for searching and browsing the databases of latin and ancient greek
Diogenes is looking out
Diogenes is reputed to have wandered greece with a lantern looking for an honest man
Diogenes is the better known of the two
Diogenes is a free
Diogenes is associate director of the program in writing and rhetoric
Diogenes is dying
Diogenes is a first year who once remarked to his sister
Diogenes is said to have lived in a barrel
Diogenes is lying on steps
Diogenes is a strange chap
Diogenes is shown with the lantern that he is said to have carried through athens at mid
Diogenes is an appealing hero
Diogenes is a large
Diogenes is my current captain of the ultramarines second company
Diogenes is a methodology for
Diogenes is
Diogenes is the primary source for the surviving complete letters of epicurus and for biographical and other pertinent information about him
Diogenes is there to meet her
Diogenes is said to live his life in a empty rain barrel
Diogenes is wiser in my generation than that Diogenes of classic times who
Diogenes is attributed the motto

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