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Googlism comments

Ehr is playing a larger role in corporate
Ehr is
Ehr is playing a larger role in corporate communications when george simon
Ehr is the founder
Ehr is the co
Ehr is personally contributing $2
Ehr is also the founder
Ehr is a best
Ehr is enabling progressive companies to increase co
Ehr is sometimes best anonymised
Ehr is to provide access to clinical information about people wherever the person is requiring care
Ehr is intended to be used for clinical care and there will be strict protocols governing its use
Ehr is easy to use
Ehr is a unique e
Ehr is a delivery solution model that is defined as
Ehr is not just about technology
Ehr is a necessary component of a brokered service environment
Ehr is both a cause and a consequence of change in the nhs
Ehr is available as a
Ehr is sitting on a community server in glasgow
Ehr is doctor global
Ehr is a shared record which has contributions from eprs — it's a longitudinal patient record across many health providers
Ehr is edited and published by domenic and debra losito
Ehr is the primary repository for information from various sources
Ehr is consistent with the iaims
Ehr is confronted with the challenges of satisfying the evaluation data needs of external audiences and Ehr's formative efforts in program
Ehr is developing a highly synergistic and value
Ehr is being deployed and what leading practices are emerging
Ehr is only truly implemented when such software is
Ehr is unlikely to happen without the involvement of purchasers
Ehr is to improve patient care
Ehr is a complex hierarchical and temporal structure
Ehr is going to take hold in alberta and across canada
Ehr is distinguished from the electronic patient record
Ehr is currently seeking a highly motivated
Ehr is putting his own money behind his vision
Ehr is even more critical to beneficial use than the development of common conventions
Ehr is a secure
Ehr is part of the national science foundation
Ehr is already frustrated with the pace of progress in his search
Ehr is a good thing
Ehr is sitting on a community server in provence
Ehr is still quite low
Ehr is evolving;
Ehr is to provide dependable support to clinicians
Ehr is actually an approach that integrates components to improve workflow and reporting at all levels of the organization
Ehr is to achieve national and international collaboration on the standardisation of population health data and their measurement
Ehr is unlikely to be designed to replace individual erps
Ehr is achieved through
Ehr is sometimes also called computer
Ehr is a long
Ehr is an aged chinese tea
Ehr is a set of models and specifications
Ehr is not a personal health record in ottawa
Ehr is a “wicked problem”
Ehr is pleased with the discovery
Ehr is fashionable
Ehr is all about
Ehr is also described
Ehr is worth supporting and encouraging
Ehr is creating and maintaining the 'unified health record' for each patient as they
Ehr is the potential cost savings from eliminating paper
Ehr is seen as a means to overcome the problem of sharing clinical information between clinicians and organisations
Ehr is responsible for the health and continued vitality of the nation's science
Ehr is designed for single and multi
Ehr is seizing opportunities
Ehr is the consequence of joining together organisational systems
Ehr is presented as a potential consistent subset of all electronic patient records

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