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Immie: is the coolest name evr (for a girl :D)

Googlism comments

Immie is male
Immie is at uwo doing his masters in biology
Immie is dead
Immie is which you'll get a cookie
Immie is the nama
Immie is a term that refers to an immortal
Immie is de coordinator van het coachingproject
Immie is
Immie is kitted up like a grad student
Immie is interviewed
Immie is in a state of death
Immie is a worse word than
Immie is herfst's contact met de mensen
Immie is a worse word than immortal
Immie is just second
Immie is a sort of saturnalia
Immie is the nama word for huddle or bunch together
Immie is possibly the only person to decide he doesn't like satsujinki
Immie is that mellodramatic
Immie is a happy Immie
Immie is on the case and he knows what a quickening looks like

Nickname Immie

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