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Googlism comments

Jehad is derived from the word “jahad
Jehad is for kashmir
Jehad is undertaken as defensive measure in the path of god whereas these people are undertaking the so
Jehad is for kashmir author
Jehad is
Jehad is one of the highly misunderstood islamic concepts
Jehad is to speak a just word before a tyrannical ruler"
Jehad is made in the cause of allah
Jehad is the most misunderstood and misinterpreted concept of islam
Jehad is the struggle for goodness in society
Jehad is the sure means of access to paradise
Jehad is a perpetual war against infidels which include hindus
Jehad is a lie
Jehad is then ? in its broadest and therefore
Jehad is said to be understood by islam as "a holy war in the way of allah
Jehad is the Jehad of self discipline
Jehad is justified only in
Jehad is difficult and
Jehad is obligatory on every moslem
Jehad is a useless word that is being used to whip up religious fervour with disastrous consequences
Jehad is a liberation struggle
Jehad is a phenomenon whereby a bomb
Jehad is made to stand the scrutiny of reason
Jehad is resorted to against an enemy on the battlefield
Jehad is the only solution to retrieve kashmir
Jehad is approaching
Jehad is being used as an instrument for legitimising militaristic
Jehad is this?
Jehad is confined strictly to non
Jehad is as twisted as its propagators
Jehad is the only option
Jehad is specific to the muslims
Jehad is not only to take the gun but it could be a Jehad of any kind
Jehad is none of the islamic concepts highly misunderstood and misinterpreted in the world
Jehad is just a way for annoying insects such as what we are seeing here these
Jehad is another term for a hand job
Jehad is not obligatory for the purpose of converting the people to islam by force of coercion
Jehad is made obligatory on muslims
Jehad is satisfied with the training course
Jehad is clearly enjoined by islamic law for this kind of conquest
Jehad is our kalaam
Jehad is a 'fard' like sallat and zakkat
Jehad is the most sacred of all fighting in islam
Jehad is a step from the stair that we have to go up to get to heaven
Jehad is still there
Jehad is one of only
Jehad is worth mentioning
Jehad is the sixth undeclared pillar of islam
Jehad is as fanatical as mao’s cultural revolution or great leap forward which saw 40 million people slain on the altar of pure
Jehad is against hindu
Jehad is not holy war
Jehad is an all
Jehad is peace on earth
Jehad is an instrument of foreign policy
Jehad is the means to raise muhammad above the mark of divinity
Jehad is abbadat and big part of islam
Jehad is binding on believers and it provided strength to the poor and oppressed people
Jehad is going truly global
Jehad is a perpetual declaration of war on non
Jehad is to speak on the face of an unjust ruler
Jehad is crap
Jehad is to complete the 'unfinished agenda of partition' by incorporating the muslim majority state of jammu and kashmir
Jehad is our mission
Jehad is a path which brings success
Jehad is much more dangerous than an unstable
Jehad is not "a ‘holy war
Jehad is a tactical retreat only to establish hegemony over civil society or in the long term a compromise on pakistan's national
Jehad is not confined to armed struggles only
Jehad is sanctioned
Jehad is same as ban on prayers and the people of pakistan will not accept this
Jehad is the struggle against the evil within oneself
Jehad is provided by the government
Jehad is a continuous process
Jehad is not wajib for an old man like you
Jehad is not wajib on children
Jehad is the only way to 'liberate' kashmir
Jehad is the only way to settle the kashmir dispute
Jehad is that only a government has the prerogative to wage an armed struggle against any one
Jehad is another example how mirza ghulam ahmad has openly blatantly cancelled a large number of verses of holy quran whereby muslims are ordered
Jehad is haram
Jehad is a global menace
Jehad is a religious war waged by muslims
Jehad is also what i am doing in this country against illiteracy and against corruption
Jehad is a disastrous idea if pitted against a country where the followers of the faith are in more substantial number than anywhere else

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