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Googlism comments

Jitte is respect for karate
Jitte is found deep within the catacombs of the forgotten
Jitte is an iron shaft 24 to 90 cm long
Jitte is the original okinawan name of the kata
Jitte is a traditional japanese weapon similar to a truncheon
Jitte is de manager
Jitte is also a hand weapon used in okinawan martial arts
Jitte is partially tainted
Jitte is a metal fork of sorts
Jitte is a parry weapon
Jitte is a kata that could almost be performed using a staff or rod
Jitte is a large quest that will require some big guns to complete
Jitte is similar to an unsharpened dagger with a shorter side blade much like a sai
Jitte is the traditional weapon of rokuganís police officers
Jitte is a weapon that the police of the past used to use
Jitte is the traditional weapon of rokugan's police officers
Jitte is from the characters for "ten" and "hand"
Jitte is een ijzeren stang
Jitte is evolving in response to rapid developments in the field
Jitte is the only journal that has a special issue each year focused on a topic of interest to the whole readership
Jitte is available in full text on
Jitte is infact lower down the dungeon after the
Jitte is not designed to be thrown
Jitte is een bitch die eventjes gepakt wil worden is volgens mij toch een beetje teveel informatie
Jitte is a much older cousin to the sai
Jitte is dwaande om dit wichtige decorstik ynelkoar te fabrutseljen
Jitte is een korte kata
Jitte is the round part protruding from the beam rifles we see on the gp01 and te gp01fb
Jitte is the official publication of the information technology for teacher
Jitte is one to three foot long rod
Jitte is a long steel rod with a hook at the end
Jitte is both online and in print
Jitte is the official publication of the information
Jitte is a short metal rod with an even shorter side rod used by the feudal japanese police
Jitte is like a sai with only one sword
Jitte is of a higher standard than the opposing weapon
Jitte is a traditional bellatrix weapon used for catching the swords of others
Jitte is an iron parrying bar with a short hook at one end
Jitte is a sai

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