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Googlism comments

Lexan is "bullet
Lexan is the material used to make 'bullet
Lexan is a registered trademark of general electric company
Lexan is a premium plastic
Lexan is that it is softer than glass and scratches more easily
Lexan is an impact
Lexan is the tough stuff nalgene water bottles are made from
Lexan is the ge plastics trade name for polycarbonate
Lexan is manufactured by the general electric company
Lexan is
Lexan is a ge brand name for their polycarbonate
Lexan is also used in the helmet visors
Lexan is also used in the material for the helmet visors
Lexan is a very hard and clear plastic that
Lexan is a trademark of ge plastics
Lexan is installed onto the
Lexan is generally the material of choice for the pressure hull lid
Lexan is engineered thermoplastic that is designed for use in the most adverse conditions
Lexan is a registered trademark of general electric co
Lexan is softer and more flexible than acrylic
Lexan is cut to the same shape and size as the top of the control panel except that the entire outside dimension is 1/8" smaller all around
Lexan is a piece of painted sheet metal that is screwed to the bottom of the control panel
Lexan is spaced out to the final position
Lexan is one of those invented words in general electric's lexicon for this synthetic polymer material
Lexan is really cool stuff
Lexan is non
Lexan is inferior
Lexan is a trademark of ge co
Lexan is another type of plastic
Lexan is > lightweight & it does not crack
Lexan is lightweight & it does not crack
Lexan is tough stuff
Lexan is also one of the best materials for decorating
Lexan is then laminated to a 10 mil white vinyl backer
Lexan is supported above ay shaped piece of wood which is supported by 3 legs from an old tv
Lexan is permitted
Lexan is rather easy using a few basic tools
Lexan is a super strong Lexan clear plastic sheeting material stronger than plexiglass and highly recommended for making lips
Lexan is the trade name for polycarbonate plastic manufactured by ge plastics
Lexan is more expensive for us to use but it is simply the best material
Lexan is also much harder than plexiglass or other acrylics
Lexan is boring
Lexan is good
Lexan is a virtually unbreakable glass
Lexan is forming the "bubble" over the drivers head
Lexan is soft bend
Lexan is not easy to plate on
Lexan is available in black or clear
Lexan is a brand name for polycarbonate plastic and is the same material used in jet fighter canopies as well as aircraft windshields in many private aircraft
Lexan is clear like plexiglass but is highly machineable and very resistant to chipping
Lexan is a polymer
Lexan is sturdier
Lexan is no longer given by the cross sections of its constituent elements; the uv transmission of Lexan depends on chemical
Lexan is 1mm thicker than the flange
Lexan is a registered trademark of the general electric company
Lexan is the bulletproof glass at bank teller's windows; superior high temperature strength
Lexan is really resistant to deformation
Lexan is an excellent idea
Lexan is a registered trademark of ge who produces polycarbonate and calls it Lexan
Lexan is one of the toughest thermoplastics available
Lexan is very resistant to stains and doesn't retain tastes/odors; won't crack at extreme
Lexan is a durable
Lexan is heated in an oven and then placed on the coachroof to attain the proper shape
Lexan is a very tough
Lexan is the water bottle to own and absolutely de rigueur equipment
Lexan is pretty much bullet proof
Lexan is the most durable and able to withstand repeated rolling and unrolling
Lexan is a registered trademark of ge
Lexan is by far the right choice for drinking bottles but perhaps too expensive to be packing everything in
Lexan is a polycarbonate plastic manufactured by dupont that we use for trade show display graphics
Lexan is that flexible
Lexan is a very strong material
Lexan is allowed
Lexan is safer than glass and easier to clean up after a wreck
Lexan is a plastic used to make compact discs
Lexan is a trade name for polycarbonate
Lexan is used extensively throughout institutions and prisons as a safe alternative to glass products

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