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Googlism comments

Miocene is closer to the present day than most other periods of geologic time
Miocene is exposed
Miocene is a critical interval in terms of global climate history
Miocene is a key interval in
Miocene is thicker
Miocene is productive
Miocene is the fourth epoch of the cenozoic
Miocene is aepycamelus
Miocene is out
Miocene is an understatement
Miocene is 2 km
Miocene is the fourth epoch of the tertiary era
Miocene is to watch a band feed off its own energy
Miocene is about 2
Miocene is a period of strong tectonic activity in the tibetan plateau
Miocene is thought to have largely inhibited stretching in the
Miocene is at least
Miocene is a pivotal interval in the history of the cenozoic
Miocene is due in large part to the formation of land bridges
Miocene is confirmed
Miocene is less complete
Miocene is required for an understanding of the tectonic evolution of the hellenic fore
Miocene is mainly present in the northeast
Miocene is correlated with the
Miocene is correlated with the simsang palynolgical zone iv of meghalaya
Miocene is currently under progress by the author
Miocene is used as the specific subject heading for cataloged titles
Miocene is at its thickest
Miocene is developed the neogene intramontane basin of the cerdanya
Miocene is charac terized by the immense development of evaporitic series especially in the graben areas of the gulf of suez and the red sea
Miocene is at a reversed
Miocene is title only epoch in the
Miocene is a pivotal time of the cenozoic
Miocene is common not just in the north
Miocene is separated from the pliocene by an allochtonous mobile salt layer which may have any present
Miocene is represented
Miocene is recorded by a 3
Miocene is attributed to thrusting upward and southward over a north
Miocene is the golden age of mammals
Miocene is important to test models proposing an earlier onset to the monsoon at that time linked to plateau uplift
Miocene is indicated by the presence of pseudomorphs after ikaite within the
Miocene is characterized by a complex system of basins
Miocene is marked in the surrounding area by gypsum
Miocene is one of the most important problems concerning with the neogene tectonics in japan
Miocene is probably due to the rarity of these cetaceans
Miocene is marked by a decrease in water content of about 20% from overlying open
Miocene is supported by biogeographic differences between its northern and southern margins
Miocene is so important to primate evolution
Miocene is an upper jaw tooth of young canharodon megalodon
Miocene is about 110 10 6 t
Miocene is reported digitally to the corporate database for distribution to users via workstation
Miocene is broadened considerably
Miocene is presented
Miocene is the period in florida's past that stretches forward from 24
Miocene is the earliest epoch of neogene period
Miocene is uncertain; the
Miocene is characterized by only scattered occurrences of
Miocene is represented by a strong reflector interpreted as an exposure surface
Miocene is proved by paleomagnetism
Miocene is fractured everywhere
Miocene is associated with high levels of aom and total organic carbon
Miocene is one of the richest portions of the fossil record of birds in australia
Miocene is inconsistent with the tectonic escape and back
Miocene is possibly a marsupial mole
Miocene is presumable
Miocene is the most likely mechanism to explain this difference
Miocene is a testament to their musical dexterity
Miocene is represented by economically important crystalline limestones which occur
Miocene is a sore puzzle
Miocene is characterized by relatively low volcanic activity
Miocene is called perch
Miocene is an age of staggering geological dullness
Miocene is represented by the la rosa formation which consists of marine shales
Miocene is about

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