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Googlism comments

SMUG is the government now?
SMUG is superb
SMUG is in direct contact with cupertino
SMUG is located in the northwestern region of virginia
SMUG is an irtf
SMUG is done independently of joining ip multicast group; routing of data packets is independently from SMUG;
SMUG is blessed with tremendous people resources
SMUG is an individual
SMUG is "craft brewed" by media whores from all walks of life
SMUG is an attitude
SMUG is to empower state workers to use electronic tools efficiently
SMUG is in fact the single repository of divine truth and the sole valid current manifestation of the true
SMUG is well
SMUG is of and for the people and is not affiliated with
SMUG is drawing up a petition that will be sent to airports all around the world requesting that they stop discriminating against people who smoke and re
SMUG is more than just another music zine
SMUG is the government now? monday
SMUG is also available
SMUG is the m
SMUG is open to anyone paying full annual dues
SMUG is a group of english
SMUG is dedicated to providing macintosh users in and around bloomington
SMUG is a place where you can expand your boundaries
SMUG is a
SMUG is warm and comfortable with a soft
SMUG is on the internet at http
SMUG is a not
SMUG is back
SMUG is m$ in court?
SMUG is a community group and is much broader in scope
SMUG is to develop a rational process of communicating
SMUG is a smarty
SMUG is deadly
SMUG is the correct word
SMUG is up to the person chairing the game
SMUG is a small group of amateur radio operators affiliated with the cactus intertie system
SMUG is receiving SMUG news monthly
SMUG is not the point
SMUG is a very entertaining
SMUG is beautiful
SMUG is a mid
SMUG is to be highly self
SMUG is the most deviant person i know
SMUG is still out of the country
SMUG is on a roll
SMUG is snickering
SMUG is grateful for the support of our members and volunteers
SMUG is the word that fits quite easily here and these people tread a fine line between holding a healthy debate and condescension
SMUG is a music magazine that covers today's most visual artists and highlights what they're about beyond the music
SMUG is responsible for
SMUG is hardly the word
SMUG is a music magazine that cover's today's most visual bands and highlights what they're about beyond the music
SMUG is already sort of an old bird
SMUG is anything but
SMUG is he
SMUG is a child of ignorance
SMUG is honest
SMUG is a fair assessment
SMUG is that they finally realize it's harder not to exercise than it is to exercise
SMUG is to provide its members education
SMUG is an understatement
SMUG is definitely one thing cary grant was not
SMUG is the cook who has a secret recipe friends and relatives canít get from him
SMUG is absolutely brilliant at maths & physics
SMUG is also high on our to do list
SMUG is not responsible for any damage resulting form incorrect use of these programs
SMUG is not the word for it
SMUG is not something that motivates volunteers or staff to greater levels of work

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