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Googlism comments

Shigella is the cause of an illness depends on laboratory tests that identify the bacteria in the stool of an infected person
Shigella is a food borne illness
Shigella is closely related to escherichia and is considered
Shigella is a highly contagious bacterium which infects the intestinal tract
Shigella is often transmitted directly from one person to another
Shigella is inside a vacuole
Shigella is divided into four species
Shigella is an infection of the gut caused by a bacterium called Shigella
Shigella is present in the bowels of infected people who will pass the bacteria in their faeces
Shigella is an important cause of diarrhoea in travellers to developing countries
Shigella is most commonly transmitted by person
Shigella is an infection of the gut caused by a bacteria called Shigella
Shigella is identified in either a staff member or a child attendee
Shigella is usually not problematic as most manual and automated systems work well with this organism
Shigella is a germ that causes an infectious disease of the bowel
Shigella is the most common cause of bacillary dysentery worldwide
Shigella is present
Shigella is a bowel infection caused by a bacteria
Shigella is a bacteria that gets into the intestines and causes illness
Shigella is careful hand washing using warm
Shigella is enclosed within neutrophil vacuoles led weinrauch and zychlinsky to discover how the neutrophil can neutralize
Shigella is that it is so highly contagious and that if left untreated
Shigella is a bacterium that is spread through food or water sources
Shigella is the cause of the illness depends on laboratory tests that identify the bacteria in the stools of infected persons
Shigella is third
Shigella is a tropical bacteria species that is often seen in primates
Shigella is spread in the stools of people infected with the bacteria
Shigella is limited to primates
Shigella is resistant to available and affordable antibiotics
Shigella is highly contagious
Shigella is composed of 4 species
Shigella is caused by ingestion of bacteria
Shigella is present in a wide range of bacteria
Shigella is very infectious and therefore easily spread
Shigella is a bacterium that causes "infectious diarrhea
Shigella is the name of a family of bacteria which cause Shigella infection
Shigella is a disease that originates from fecal matter
Shigella is then faced with yet another set of conditions including different ion concentrations
Shigella is often spread through fecally contaminated food and water
Shigella is very easy to spread from one person to another
Shigella is a major health problem for our country and other developing countries
Shigella is so difficult to remove from parsley and cilantro is being studied
Shigella is carried through feces and spreads via contact with contaminated food and water or from anything handled by infected individuals
Shigella is a bacterial germ that causes illness when it gets into the intestines
Shigella is a gram
Shigella is transmitted through the faeco
Shigella is the most communicable form of the bacterial diarrheas
Shigella is a germ
Shigella is highly preventable through effective hand washing
Shigella is highly host
Shigella is found in the feces
Shigella is lactose
Shigella is associated with 5% to 15% of cases of diarrhea and 30% to 50% of cases of dysentery
Shigella is a diarrheal disease commonly transmitted person
Shigella is transmitted by fecal
Shigella is a bowel infection caused by bacteria from the Shigella family
Shigella is transmitted primarily from person
Shigella is a very contagious bacterial disease affecting the large and small intestine
Shigella is k/a and k/a on tsi and lia
Shigella is inert for most biochemical reactions
Shigella is known to be
Shigella is a gram negative rod
Shigella is severe diarrhea…often diarrhea containing blood
Shigella is only found in people
Shigella is a kind of bacteria that causes a disease called shigellosis
Shigella is the bacteria that causes shigellosis
Shigella is very closely related to escherichia coli the workhorse of molecular genetics and it would be relatively easy to develop antibiotic
Shigella is carried in an
Shigella is not known to be found in animals
Shigella is frequently found
Shigella is another leading cause of diarrheal disease worldwide with over 200 million cases reported worldwide
Shigella is a well
Shigella is acutely painful
Shigella is often a food
Shigella is suspected
Shigella is given to a group of bacteria that are known to be harmful to man and gives rise to symptoms such as
Shigella is found all over the world
Shigella is a family of bacteria that can cause shigellosis
Shigella is to blame
Shigella is easy to test for because the bacteria show up on standard bacterial cultures of stool
Shigella is found in fecal matter and is transmitted through the fecal
Shigella is very small ­ just a few hundred organisms
Shigella is a bacteria that causes stomach cramps
Shigella is by
Shigella is a member of the family enterobacteriaceae
Shigella is the cause of the illness depends on laboratory tests that identify Shigella in the stools of an infected person
Shigella is passed in the stool of an infected person so people with active diarrhea or those who are unable to control their bowel habits should be isolated
Shigella is an enteric bacteria that lives in the intestional tract of humans
Shigella is a bacterial illness passed from person
Shigella is confirmed by labs
Shigella is widespread and
Shigella is a pathogen found in the intestinal tract of humans and high primates; it is rarely found in other animals

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