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Googlism comments

Sniper is now largest of its kind
Sniper is the winner on
Sniper is a foreign
Sniper is caught
Sniper is male
Sniper is news
Sniper is always somewhere up there
Sniper is on
Sniper is now largest of its kind for army
Sniper is the winner on all fronts except one
Sniper is obviously highly trained with weapons and skilled at avoiding detection
Sniper is an ebay Sniper that automates the process of placing your bid in the closing seconds of any ebay auction
Sniper is a competitive edge in winning auctions
Sniper is a registered trademark
Sniper is a master marksman
Sniper is an equal
Sniper is likely a self
Sniper is aimed to eliminate risk factors from networks and ensure reliable network systems operation by detecting and notifying network intrusions including
Sniper is not effective in an offensive role
Sniper is an american citizen?
Sniper is a narcissist sun
Sniper is a terrorist is not being ruled out
Sniper is unique
Sniper is a specialist
Sniper is a variant of the gm ground
Sniper is developed in conjunction with the regular rgm
Sniper is confident of his shooting ability and would never pull in closer just so he felt more confidant about hitting a smaller target
Sniper is well advised to "feel out" a patrol
Sniper is learning a valuable lesson from first hand experience in the field
Sniper is the master of marksmanship
Sniper is designed
Sniper is like sitting through the tensest of movie thrillers
Sniper is a very flexible asset
Sniper is the fast and easy way to take out
Sniper is a "Sniperized" variand of the famous sig 550/stg
Sniper is caught schools all over the dc area have made changes to their routines
Sniper is designed to monitor network traffic 24 hours a day on the tcp/ip by application protocols
Sniper is on the loose and the streets of the washington area are monopolized by
Sniper is demonstrating many of the skills and techniques taught at al
Sniper is "playing with the cops" by sometimes dropping clues
Sniper is to select and engage key targets beyond the range of the normal rifleman
Sniper is a former pro paintball player as you my have learned from the home page
Sniper is equipped with the best engine available; not a rocket engine
Sniper is acting alone or acting as a member of an organized terrorist group?
Sniper is a tarot death card found at one scene with the words
Sniper is a hellish weapon
Sniper is an expert rifleman trained in the techniques of the individual soldier and assigned the mission of sniping
Sniper is not a special forces soldier
Sniper is the first scanner in the world released to combat the windows trinoo threat
Sniper is a specialised unit
Sniper is a murderer of individuals who is obviously keeping score and trying to show the world he is smarter than the cops
Sniper is born
Sniper is to take the high bidder position within a few seconds of the auctions end
Sniper is to save and safeguard lives
Sniper is a combat proven knife design by newt livesay with his outstanding number 2 style handle that delivers superb comfort
Sniper is still at large
Sniper is a long distance offensive threat
Sniper is the best imitation of a shad pattern on the market today
Sniper is an excellent way for children to safely let out their aggressions
Sniper is consciously picking times when venus is prominent
Sniper is american because the crimes do not bear the traditional hallmarks of an international
Sniper is prone
Sniper is likely to be "pretty ordinary
Sniper is the backbone of every tactical unit
Sniper is one of the most effective weapons on the field of battle
Sniper is mid
Sniper is the latest in america's rogues gallery of home grown terrorists who acted out their deadly personal or political hatreds
Sniper is and what motivates him
Sniper is a well
Sniper is the songwriting vehicle of guitarist/bassist jonathan bunce
Sniper is now the
Sniper is a "modern" term
Sniper is up to $500
Sniper is an online auction sniping program which automatically places your bid at the last possible moment
Sniper is the economical "entry
Sniper is known to have left a message
Sniper is nothing
Sniper is based on rolling circle amplification technology
Sniper is a skilled and trained technician
Sniper is not muslim
Sniper is very important
Sniper is a 98 custom with gta accessories
Sniper is
Sniper is bicyclist

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