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Googlism comments

Teepo is swayed by his hairdresser and lovers
Teepo is dead
Teepo is complaining and struggling
Teepo is from 'breath of fire3'
Teepo is to drool over
Teepo is ook een wees en leeft net zo als Teepo in een boomhut
Teepo is "killed"*
Teepo is an outsider among outsiders
Teepo is rei's "brother"
Teepo is brash and a bit hot
Teepo is a good example of
Teepo is the shyt
Teepo is also a part of the dragon clan
Teepo is a powerful magic user and equally skilled with his blade
Teepo is santa's very special helper and this is his story
Teepo is in dragon lord form use pilfer with rei a whole load of times unless you don't want the best sword in the game
Teepo is in this fic too
Teepo is eavesdropping on
Teepo is a tarsier
Teepo is related to peco
Teepo is a test subject for rogaine or minoxidil
Teepo is an orphan that
Teepo is shiny~
Teepo is considerably upset
Teepo is quick to shut up
Teepo is not
Teepo is then mentioned
Teepo is
Teepo is also decended from the dark dragon clan
Teepo is a lot like rei but doesn't posses the heart of him
Teepo is convinced that rachel wishes to take dramatic measures as to kill her father
Teepo is able to locate and exploit structural weaknesses in their targets
Teepo is seperated
Teepo is rei's partner in crime
Teepo is a tough dragon to beat
Teepo is an orphaned punk who knows nothing about his race
Teepo is there
Teepo is here
Teepo is out of ap then just use a normal attack
Teepo is killed in the battle
Teepo is now

Nickname Teepo

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