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Googlism comments

Tenkei is a big hot spring near the subashiri mountain
Tenkei is a single child in a family of three
Tenkei is the second daughter of megami
Tenkei is charactorized by a gripping
Tenkei is a japanese word with a couple of possible meanings
Tenkei is a good guild to ask along on a raid like this
Tenkei is a lot of things
Tenkei is "chickens from the sky
Tenkei is one of the leaders of this form and will be performing its original dance drama
Tenkei is the final product of the human complementation project
Tenkei is holding count's down from 11
Tenkei is even enjoying the childish game
Tenkei is
Tenkei is my son
Tenkei is staring at him
Tenkei is just a picture perfect moment
Tenkei is a conduit
Tenkei is so awed he begins muttering in latin

Nickname Tenkei

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