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Googlism comments

ThErO is the founder religious advisor of our society
ThErO is the religious advisor of our society
ThErO is ar sn 1774 uud strta endi brd
ThErO is positively future
ThErO is extending his services to call on the homes of members and devotees to chant new year blessings during the two weeks of chinese new year
ThErO is brdi bigann
ThErO is
ThErO is the result of the steadfast efforts of the friends of buddhism in the area led by mr
ThErO is a business coach with thirty years experience
ThErO is a big baby and looks like george foreman
ThErO is the founder and ceo of the source international
ThErO is the brave hearted sage who has created a haven for dogs
ThErO is odar san uuid strata endi bred
ThErO is a key figure behind the tamil day which will be staged by his students this wednesday
ThErO is happy to see the large number of devotees flocking to the sacred site
ThErO is the author of mindfulness in plain english
ThErO is a buddhist monk from colombo
ThErO is the co
ThErO is the patron of this committee and presides over meetings
ThErO is offering dhamma discussions
ThErO is a half senshisen
ThErO is at least aware of the meaning of the pali stanza
ThErO is now holding unilateral discussions with treasury and cabinet secretaries to make changes to the latest
ThErO is
ThErO is addressing the participants at the beginning of the programme
ThErO is providing free education to the children of buddha gaya
ThErO is from sri lanka
ThErO is the founder of tsi
ThErO is also not in agreement
ThErO is a stand up guy
ThErO is the president is defunct but said still
ThErO is of course a venerable mahanayake who is a respected and learned man and who has a good idea of what is happening in the srilankan media
ThErO is now desirous of nominating and constituting and appointing the next in order of robing his
ThErO is the viharadhipathi of both the helamada and lendaramulla temples
ThErO is most likely referring to the
ThErO is especially proud of this achievement because it will strengthen his hands to continue his social & religious work in the future
ThErO is unusual
ThErO is no safety but in fleeing to him against whom we have sinned
ThErO is the vice president
ThErO is receiving the one million rupees cheque from prime minister ranil wickremesinghe on
ThErO is set out below
ThErO is now busy looking for alternative accommodation
ThErO is little doubt t
ThErO is a need to expand the systematic examination of the effects of casings and flavours on the flavour and
ThErO is nothing which could be hold
ThErO is able
ThErO is making efforts to recruit a permanent teacher to conduct these classes
ThErO is'cont4
ThErO is usually
ThErO is a member of parliament in the government of sri lanka
ThErO is his chief pupil
ThErO is currently lodged in jail following a complaint filed against him by a colleague in msi accusing
ThErO is no positive prove on janome etc
ThErO is no hero worship or whitewashing in this intriguing book by a sensitive woman scholar
ThErO is also a revolutionary from galle
ThErO is ilo chmg8 in ownorship
ThErO is becoming quite charming
ThErO is provided a method of isolating and/orenriching and/or so lectivoly propagating desired animal stem
ThErO is a west end buddhist centre publication issued four times per year
ThErO is ar sn uud strta endi brd
ThErO is the universe
ThErO is n
ThErO is no telegrnphic communication nenrer thnn t300nvillo i nm compolled to trust my dispatches to the mnils
ThErO is no longer any argument against the observation that similarities exist between the artificial intoxication induced by these compounds and spontaneous
ThErO is an explanation in the streitschriften
ThErO is a lifo to eome better than this life present; as you may sco how daily men and
ThErO is provided a method of isolating and/or enriching and/or so lectivoly propagating desired animal stem

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