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Googlism comments

Totte is a media specialist and has worked at cardinal gibbons since 1994
Totte is a labrador that lives with one of krille’s good friends
Totte is known from folk
Totte is a creampoint neuterd male and i think he's the kindest cat in the world
Totte is called thomas
Totte is the son of maridadis foxy an import from norway
Totte is my halfbrother because we share the same mother
Totte is a 1 yr old brindle male
Totte is very enthusiastic
Totte is the cutest little dogge
Totte is tha man
Totte is hiding the afikoman
Totte is
Totte is working in a warehouse
Totte is´n arschloch
Totte is a nice little bloke
Totte is listed as "äußerste grenze
Totte is ranked 132 and has played for 5h25m in 100 days

Nickname Totte

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