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Googlism comments

Val is a babe
Val is swimming to london
Val is a professional with many years of experience in the
Val is back
Val is undefined in /usr/src/sbin/fsck/
Val is undefined in /usr/src/sbin/
Val is great by luckysaint april 12
Val is going to murder someone
Val is a great player waiting to make his break once again
Val is an integer
Val is an invoke
Val is
Val is a boolean
Val is snubbed
Val is the Value to be assigned to the specified item
Val is read as an atom
Val is a flexible name to Value mapping library for c variables
Val is famed for his preaching style that combines the clear doctrine of the catholic church with an eloquence of bishop sheen
Val is my uncle's third wife
Val is a blessed reference and is blessed into package type or inherits from package type
Val is undefined in /usr/src/sbin/fsck/setup
Val is known to all of us in the computer club as Val
Val is such a complex person
Val is =
Val is = addlist
Val is = binio
Val is a blessed reference which has a method called method
Val is an i/omagic company
Val is a dynamic
Val is1 = list
Val is1 = compile
Val is the
Val is known as a team player and a person with outstanding vision
Val is an ongoing visiting lecturer at the school of journalism at the university of illinois
Val is returned if the user simply enters return
Val is an empty xmlrpcVal this method makes it a scalar Value
Val is a coding system
Val is great
Val is such a perfect subject for photography
Val is eVal+tVal
Val is the church of the future with it's dome of forty metres diameter and 12 meters high
Val is doomed to life alone and that there will be no chosen bride
Val is not going to appear in night job and we await confirmation from them on ten miles down
Val is a mixture of swedish
Val is shocked and testy because of his bad luck with the dolphin
Val is shorthand for v=v+Val; v
Val is an old mill
Val is continuously being upgraded and perfected
Val is not out chasing storms
Val is leading a new initiative to develop a public
Val is interpreted
Val is #t
Val is = ?
Val is vx + vy
Val is addressing that issue
Val is behind the drumkit and is the big block that makes the band tear off the line and purr like a kitten
Val is insane
Val is here and in great health
Val is a steep
Val is extremely nervous
Val is a disjunction of the possible errors
Val is the debugging level
Val is stuck doing deodorant commercials in the wilds of canada
Val is an integer or character expression
Val is able to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry
Val is as much albert's son as armand's

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