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Googlism comments

Vigar is involved in several charitable organisations
Vigar is a member of the ausimm and considered a competent person
Vigar is conducting his own inquiry into economic prospects for the area
Vigar is positive that this new venture will prove to be
Vigar is urging people to buy a daffodil daffodil deluge for a day
Vigar is without a past
Vigar is urging people to buy a daffodil
Vigar is british champion
Vigar is a very resourceful and strict man i hear and he does not tolerate any parking violations
Vigar is a senior consultant with one of the big 5 firm's of chartered accountants advising entrepreneurial companies on employee incentives
Vigar is the president and chief executive officer
Vigar is
Vigar is a top

Nickname Vigar

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