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Googlism comments

Warriv is the caravan leader whose job it is to ferry travelers and merchants across khaduras to the lut gholein desert and beyond
Warriv is in the city
Warriv is your source of transportation
Warriv is able to take you east
Warriv is busy trading in lut gholein
Warriv is an old caravan leader who is prevented from travelling east by the monsters who now inhabit the wilderness
Warriv is a large man with a stern demeanor
Warriv is terribly taken with paladins; he nearly fawns when speaking to one of the holy knights
Warriv is caravan leader and he will take you to lut gholein when you are ready
Warriv is the first to welcome you to the encampment
Warriv is ready to leave for lut gholein
Warriv is a caravan leader who can travel between towns

Nickname Warriv

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