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Googlism comments

brooksie is young
brooksie is currently working on the insurance industries highest possible designation
brooksie is divorced and has several horses
brooksie is paroled and leaves shawshank
brooksie is doing right now
brooksie is all washed
brooksie is hopping mad at hedda
brooksie is
brooksie is not a dork" on the title of this dear diaryland
brooksie is doing out there
brooksie is like a caruso´s
brooksie is well liked by the competitors and has an understanding of the nascar program
brooksie is out shooting
brooksie is wise to be calling on bettman and goodenow to start working on avoiding the almost sure to happen lock out due in 2004
brooksie is on the internet
brooksie is a speed machine with a promising future
brooksie is a professional musician who is a unitarian minister’s daughter and nina is the
brooksie is sleeping
brooksie is from
brooksie is practising being contentious and argumentative today
brooksie is still a cheerleader and is riding that bus
brooksie is a very interesting chap & we have long talks together

Nickname brooksie

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