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Googlism comments

snowie is a backgammon analysis tool that allows you to improve your backgammon skills
snowie is extending its portfolio of re
snowie is also working on the co
snowie is as strong or stronger as any other backgammon program
snowie is a high
snowie is able to tell you that
snowie is saying that if white made what is alleged to be the best play
snowie is widely acclaimed by world champions as the supreme tool for backgammon players of every level
snowie is an easy
snowie is a wonderful program
snowie is such a gem
snowie is a commercial backgammon program based on neural network technology by the company oasya
snowie is looking forward to providing you with an excellent business opportunity and remember
snowie is your one stop source
snowie is a loving friend and a sweet animal
snowie is looking forward to providing you with an excellent business opportunity and if you have any questions
snowie is that it judges how well a player plays based on a built
snowie is a very sophisticated comptuer program for playing and analyzing backgammon
snowie is het volkomen duidelijk…
snowie is niet de moeilijkste
snowie is the best robot available
snowie is the ultimate backgammon software
snowie is sold by oasya sa
snowie is being converted to a commercial
snowie is in danger
snowie is the best
snowie is a male mosaic
snowie is ofa excellent
snowie is irish
snowie is tommy's daughter and sister
snowie is set aside
snowie is having a great time
snowie is a female west highland white terrier
snowie is always stealing attention away from her
snowie is showing some promise in the computer backgammon race
snowie is a backgammon programme and jelly fish is the devil
snowie is less reliable
snowie is een 4 jaar oud malteeuws leeuwtje
snowie is phenomenal backgammon software by oasya of switzerland
snowie is never one to wax lyrical about "school days being the happiest days of your life" luckily for her
snowie is a q3f
snowie is generally accepted as the best tool for backgammon players of every level
snowie is a director of the opponents and mr hibbard is sales director of the applicants
snowie is quite expensive
snowie is my pussycat
snowie is the kotl
snowie is stronger
snowie is a petite maltese with bad breath and smelly paws
snowie is hit and destroyed
snowie is progressing with his book on naval air aces in ww1
snowie is built for the cold environs of the great cold north with slender bodies
snowie is © crystal carlson
snowie is very sensitive about warsprite
snowie is very possessive of phee
snowie is ranked 116 and has played for 44m in 14 days real name
snowie is a regular
snowie is ranked 117 and has played for 1h19m in 14 days
snowie is a computer backgammon program
snowie is a bichon frise
snowie is nice
snowie is and they play just for fun
snowie is cheating or not
snowie is getting bothersome
snowie is ready to knit her way through the cool winter nights ahead
snowie is rocking and a rolling get your rocks off here

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