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Googlism comments

sohail is pakistan's main strength
sohail is a great force
sohail is a must
sohail is understood to have laid before ali and qureshi a collection of newspaper clippings and two
sohail is pakistan's main strength karachi
sohail is all pumped up and has been working very hard
sohail is arguably the best short corner expert in business
sohail is also one of the reasons of our failures
sohail is excellent
sohail is also the co
sohail is very inspired by big bro's 'maine pyar kiya'
sohail is handicapped by a weak script
sohail is essentially a very shy and private person who does not enjoy the spotlight
sohail is a self
sohail is nervous in the beginning of the show but slowly opens up ?our team has slogged and made my dream a reality
sohail is also back in the team after 10 months
sohail is probably the only person in class who provides mahboob with ample competition
sohail is marking his entry into films with this movie
sohail is not going as captain to india
sohail is not hundred percent fit
sohail is good looking
sohail is going to give everyone a run for their money
sohail is now back with yet another love story
sohail is coming back with double intensity
sohail is a senior research manager at wedc and a specialist in project management with special interests in procurement
sohail is observing the holy month of fasting called ramadan
sohail is a distinguished it professional with over 13 years of experience in designing
sohail is already three films old as writer
sohail is no rabbit with the bat yet he was exposing his stumps and slogging away at the indian bowlers
sohail is making debut as an actor in his romantic home
sohail is the director
sohail is deputy chief executive of crime concern
sohail is working fulltime at a textile company and in the evenings he works in ministry field
sohail is ajay
sohail is our strength
sohail is working as a civil servant with the texas departement of criminal justice and is residing at palestine
sohail is for me because
sohail is now looking at scripts for future movies
sohail is a frequent contributor to nfb readers' opinion forum
sohail is an extremely respectful young man
sohail is a very dedicated and enthusiastic member of the club
sohail is content and announces a break
sohail is opportunistic and shameless
sohail is not only a stout defender but also a prolific goal
sohail is our 'true north strong and free' cricketer
sohail is responsible for establishing the company?s financial structure and growth plans
sohail is performing well but we have more than one way to block him from scoring
sohail is a muslim
sohail is a graduate research assistant and roland is distinguished university professor of poultry science
sohail is in his early teens and makes a living by cleaning cars at one of the many busy gas stations that dot yemen
sohail is in charge of production of sa textiles
sohail is making his debut as an actor with his self directed 'maine dil tujhko diya'
sohail is one of our key players
sohail is a very caring and sincere kinda guy
sohail is a married man
sohail is on his way to make a place in an image that is a perfect blend of an action and a romantic
sohail is graciousness personified as he tells us to hold our horses before doing an interview with him
sohail is a musician and a singer
sohail is the first person to produce
sohail is a fellow of the royal college of physicians and i surgeons and upon graduating from medical school 25 years ago came to settle in canada because
sohail is one person who will go all out with the promos and the publicity
sohail is one of the most unbiased and objective pakistani commentators
sohail is that when they come good they do so in a big way
sohail is being subjected to brutal torture
sohail is like what saif is playing in the film
sohail is the best
sohail is hitting well and kashif is in top form
sohail is studying the molecular basis of neuronal plasticity
sohail is professor
sohail is laid back and comfortably to work with besides being my brother
sohail is not only the brother of salman and arbaaz
sohail is the medical superintendent
sohail is found on a small
sohail is working at pakistan herald publications pvt
sohail is working at invest capital & securities organization
sohail is a proven run scorer and scored 205 against england at manchester in 1992
sohail is one of those afghans
sohail is launching himself as a hero
sohail is
sohail is visiting academic at queensland university of technology
sohail is out balled
sohail is looking for a better attitude from his players in the second test starting on thursday to make amends for
sohail is a womaniser and befriends every pretty face and that's where he falls for mishi khan or vice versa
sohail is a star
sohail is a year 9 student at laisterdyke high school
sohail is one of the best penalty corner specialists in the world

Nickname sohail

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